About Us

We live in an age of instant, ubiquitous connection. Never before has it been as quick and as easy to get hold of someone. Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp, Snapchat, Skype, FaceTime … who even needs to call anymore? Who even needs to meet, face to face, one to one, person to person?

Well, we are an international group of people – entrepreneurs, coders, film-makers, creative thinkers and doers – who firmly believe the answer is: everyone.

We believe there is no substitute for a real-life connection, a real-time conversation, a real-world relationship. And we’re here to show you our approach. We’re here to show you Coolfidence.

Coolfidence means just what it says. It’s a cool confidence, or a confident coolness. It’s a way of breaking the ice, kick-starting conversations, winning hearts and minds, capturing imaginations, building bridges and igniting sparks.

Coolfidence is a set of tools, a set of techniques, a set of opportunities and possibilities. What it isn’t, is a set of rules. We’re not a school, we’re a resource. We’re not an institute, we’re a movement. We’re not a lecture, we’re a conversation.

So join in. We’d like to get to know you. We’d like to make a connection. We’d like to show you a few fun and easy ways of getting to know people better. And don’t worry, you won’t even have to switch off your phone. Just tune in to our wavelength for a while, look around, play around, and let us know what you think. We’re pretty Coolfident that you’ll like what you see.

In the meantime, please allow us to introduce ourselves …


Ronnie 'Joe' Apteker

Co-Founder & Cooltrepreneur

Ever since I can remember, I have been trying to inspire people. Capturing imaginations is a beautiful thing. Getting people to think and feel is what leads to buy in. And when a group of people come together and are aligned, then amazing things can happen. And that is cool. That is Coolfidence. All of us at Coolfidence know a lot about connections. We are connecting every day across the oceans and deserts. We are using the best technologies in the world to connect. But every time we connect in the virtual world, we say to ourselves that it would be much better to have a good laugh together in some cosy bar. Being human and cool and confident - that is what we all want out of life.

Tendeka 'Joe' Matatu

Co-Founder & Cooltrepreneur

I am a film maker at heart. I love storytelling, and Coolfidence is all about stories. I have an opportunity here to use my film making skills and my love of technology to try to do something magical with this inspired team. We have no idea where this road will take us, but it is a lot of fun trying, and a serious amount of late nights and intense work. Work that is good for the soul. Coolfidence captured my imagination from the start and I am sure it will be the same for you.

Michael Kharenko

Co-Founder & Cooltrepreneur

My name is Michael. Where I come from a lot of people call me Misha. One crazy guy calls me Michael man. I live life from the heart and I like to see people smile. As a lawyer I gain an important perspective as to how people think, but what is more and more clear to me is that many people don’t feel. Coolfidence gives us a chance to try and get people to smile more, and to laugh often, and to feel, er, think, out of the box. This is an inspired mission, and I am personally very excited about where this can go. We could potentially help many many people to make stronger connections with the people in their lives.

Sergey Shevchenko

Co-Founder & Cooltrepreneur

To get people talking is an important thing. To help people to feel comfortable is a wonderful mission. Here at Coolfidence this is what I love to do. And the team is working day and night, with Ronnie and I, to share with you our collective insights and secrets. I am driving the technical side of the portal and I am also helping with all the creative ice breaking content. There is so much to do we could work 24 hours a day. The world is running so fast; we are all so wired, and technology is in our face all the time. We love our computer and mobile phones but we also love people. People make the world work, and people need to connect. We are here to give you our take on winning friends and influencing people. Coolfidence is inspired stuff.

Gus Silber

CoolMan & Cooltrepreneur

The world is made of chance encounters, of random particles colliding and intersecting in the ether, bouncing back and forth, seeking connections. Who knows what happens when they strike a spark? Anything can happen, and then nothing. You find your moments of magic, and they draw you back to the source. In some way or other, for a fleeting glance or a lifetime, we are born to fulfil a single purpose. We are born to connect.

Brendan 'Joe' Jack

CoolWriter & Cooltrepreneur

Filmmaking, comedy, marketing, writing, my fondness is for all of them. Stories seem to be the common thread, engaging people’s minds and eyeballs. Whether you’re a stranger or friend, stories and ideas connect us. From the mundane to the fantastical, all ideas are welcome to be discussed at the corner table next to those old leather couches. You know the place. Let’s meet later for a small schnapps and a chinwag about something cool you saw or did today.

Alastair Thomas

CoolEditor & Cooltrepreneur

I put stuff together. I take the elements and I assemble them, and get the story to shine. I am the working behind the scenes, breaking down the stuff so that you can break more ice. I like to think I am at the Coolfidence nerve centre. This is where the action really happens. And that is my story – I am sticking with it.

John Schickerling


Getting the word out there is a never ending challenge. The world is so noisy. I can’t even hear myself think. Except for now, because I have to write some text for this paragraph. It is late at night and the noise levels are low. Where was I … ? Yes, this paragraph. Please help spread the word. Tell people you care about. People you believe in. Tell them that Coolfidence will inspire them. That is one of my areas of focus. Digital something. It has to do with things like Google and Facebook and it is about traffic and eyeballs and you. Yes YOU. You see – it is working already. Enjoy the ride.

Alex Gaumond

CoolMan & Cooltrepreneur

We are hoping you will be inspired by what we are creating here, and that you will get involved. When this eccentric team approached me to help them I thought they were all a bit nutty, but when the ice was broken, I was amazed with the scope of this vision. Come with us on this journey, and you will be exposed to some fantastic ideas that you can use in your everyday life. At work, at home, wherever the road takes you. I am an actor and I get high on good stories. This is a good story, and what’s more, you can share your stories with us too. Get involved. I did.

Artem Voloshin

CoolMan & Cooltrepreneur

Наша цель - дать людям возможность беспрепятственно общаться. Растопить лед, убрать преграды, помочь найти общий язык. Это то, чем мы занимаемся в Coolfidence. Мы делимся своими знаниями и секретами, помогаем людям сделать процесс общения простым и легким. Устройства, окружающие нас в быту, на работе, по всюду - помогают сделать жизнь легче и лучше. Но ни какой компьютер или телефон не заменит живого общения. Одни люди создают устройства для подключения к сети, мы же помогаем людям войти в контакт друг с другом. Мы постоянно работаем над новыми возможностями оказания помощи в общении между людьми.

Benoit Ruscoe

CoolArtist & Cooltrepreneur

I love the creative process, and Coolfidence is all about the new and the wonderful. I have worked with Maggie and our team to come up with something that found the balance between quirky and serious. This is, after all, an important service, that can help people to make connections with other people. But, it is something new. Something eccentric. Something that no one is expecting. So, we have a challenge on our hands – to find that balance. I think we nailed it, and we hope you will all love it. Enjoy.

Maggie van Zyl

CoolArtist & Cooltrepreneur

I work with Benoit and a group of creative and talented souls, and Coolfidence was a real detour into the unexpected. We believe there is something magical about what is happening here, and we are thrilled to be a part of this journey.

Ilan Smith

Coolfident illusionist

I'm in the business of make believe. I make people believe they can achieve anything they set their minds too. Being an entertainer allows me to make people laugh, to take people away from their everyday problems and focus on doing something good to help another. I'm here at Coolfidence to help others find and connect with each other in simple fun ways, to bring out the magic.

Thom Heap


Hello, my name is Thom! I am a creative coolfidant who loves nothing more than making people smile. I’m always testing our awesome ideas on unsuspecting people with great results! Personally I love all things shiny and I love to market them as much as I do play with them. Look, we are about getting you talking in front of people or a person, it comes naturally to some and a little more difficult with others but in the end we all need a little help, right? So go ahead and try some of our tips and tools and let me know what you think.

Behind the Scenes at Coolfidence