The Challenge

What came first? The telephone or the skyscraper? The telephone. Without this communications device who would want to work or live on the 50th floor, say, of a high-rise building?!

The telephone liberated. It allowed us to live vertically. And from then we saw big concrete jungles emerge. The telephone also led to the word “hello”. Yes, that too came after the telephone. “Hello” is a relatively modern word.

The telephone changed the world of communications and it changed our lives. Definitely for the better, we would all agree.

Now, we have the Internet and mobile phones. And life has changed once again. The Internet has liberated us even more. Globalization has become a real thing, with corporations creating powerful empires, which can be managed at a distance. And, all of us have become wired in the process, literally and figuratively. The online world is the new order.

Each development in technology has had one goal: to save us time. To make us more efficient. But this is not the same as being more effective. Efficiency and effectiveness are very different things.

Yes, big corporations can run impressive businesses all across the globe with the touch of a button. But this efficiency has also led to another kind of distance. The distance we all feel in our souls. There is growing disconnect that continues to be talked about, written about, lectured about, and joked on social media (which is quite ironical considering).

The Proposal

Feeding our bodies and feeding our souls are very different things. Communicating a message to the masses may be highly efficient using e-mail and social media. But are we really connecting with people? Are we really communicating effectively? Perhaps electronic messaging is good when sending out something technical, or a product update, or a date for an event, etc. But, when it comes to building trust, the only way to really communicate is with a personal touch.

In that movie “Up in the air” we saw how George Clooney’s character had the difficult job of telling people they are being laid off. And then enters the young blood, played by Anna Kendrick, whose character was cold, disconnected, and who believed people could be let go via a Skype call. Efficient, for sure. Effective, well, watch the movie to see how it ends.

All of us love our mobile phones. There is no denying that. The freedom it gives us is wonderful. But, all too often, when we are sitting in a restaurant, or a bar, we see that familiar site of nobody talking. Everyone just glued to their screens. No eye contact. Little chatter. And we comment and get anxious. Yes, this wonderful world of communications technology has led to all kinds of changes, and this disconnect is one that is occupying many people’s minds, especially parents who are bringing children into the world.

What about the fundamentals? What about getting back to basics? What about good old fashioned conversation? People, contact, interaction. Personal exchanges, without electronics. Now, don’t go shoot the messenger. We are not the problem. At Coolfidence, the people working day and night, are in the same boat as you. Yes, we love technology and the online world, but we also like the other stuff too. The real world. The world of laughter and wonder. And, we are trying to find a way to stir up that lost art of communication. Face-to-face stimulus, where imaginations are captured, and souls are touched. Where anything can happen, and where trust is developed. Where tones are heard, and feelings are felt. Where the magic of life is experienced, in the most fundamental way.

The Coolfidence Connection

People are what makes life worth living. Not things. Or ideas. You often hear things like “I have an idea that is worth millions”. The truth is, ideas are not worth much at all. Yes, good ideas are hard to come by, but without hard work, they are not worth anything. As Thomas Alva Edison once said, “Genius is 1% inspiration and 99% perspiration”. Good people are much harder to find than good ideas. And when we do meet a good person then we should learn how to communicate and build a real bond.

Ideas don’t move mountains. People do. People make things happen. And this all boils down to the way we communicate.

The art of communication is important, and at Coolfidence we are trying to come up with ways to get people talking. Connecting and communicating : fundamental to happiness.