Microbot Push

Analogue meets digital in an invention that sees technology really pushing our buttons.

The Microbot Push is a low-energy Bluetooth button-pusher that’s being promoted as a wireless robotic finger. Attach a Microbot Push to anything that turns on or off with a button, and you’re one step closer to a fully automated smart life - from the convenience of your smartphone.

You can program simple functions such as "If I get home, turn on living room lights". When you get home at night, your smartphone is picked up and the app tells the Microbot Push to activate its push mechanism, flipping a switch, or pressing a button on whatever devices you want to be controlled.

It has a micro-USB-charged battery pack, and attaches to a surface next to a button or switch using foam tape. The Microbot can apply 1 kg of force, which is enough to flip just about any switch you can throw at it.

The Microbots allow users to carry out any number of tasks automatically, such as turning lights on and off while away, switching on a coffeemaker when the morning alarm sounds, or activating a desktop computer when someone comes in the door.

The Internet of Things keeps growing and the Microbot Push creates a whole host of uses, especially for people who don’t want to get off the couch and for those who wish to put flip-switching tech in creative scenarios.

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