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Mar 23, 2016

Re-invention / Staying Relevant

Complacency will kill any business. Comfort zones are dangerous places to be in. Re-invention is a must in this fast paced world. Staying relevant is fundamental. Invest, listen, and make bold moves. Your people are your greatest asset – make sure they are skilled up and on the ball. Innovate and take risk. Celebrate victories and learn from mistakes, but don’t stand still. Remember that insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result. Embrace change and break new ground.

Insights from coolfidence
4 hints for re-connecting with a client you've lost contact with
Oct 28, 2015 © Ronnie Apteker

Happy clients multiply, so don't lose any. If you've lost touch then we got some compelling clues on how to get you back on track. Add a light touch and consider a Coolfidence tool to help you engage.

6 pointers on making new staff comfortable and productive
Oct 28, 2015 © Brendan Jack

Promote face-to-face communications and get people engaging. Lead by example and always remember that what you say is never as important as to how you say it. A light touch always helps people to feel at ease. Some office cheer can go a long way at making people feel at home.

7 guidelines to cutting through the maze at conferences and maximizing your networking
Oct 28, 2015 © Brendan Jack

So many people, so little time. Don't miss any opportunities - the opposite of networking is not-working. So master the art of maximizing your airtime at conferences.

5 clues on how to find good people
Nov 18, 2015 © Ronnie Apteker

We don't invest in ideas, we invest in people. Good ideas are important, but good people are even more fundamental. People make things happen. But finding good people is a never ending struggle - we all know this story. We share with you a few clues on how to incentify and attract the best of the best.

5 maxims for making sure luck is with you
Nov 19, 2015 © Ronnie Apteker

Luck favors the persistent. But there is more to it than that. Learn to recognize the signs - luck is all around us: good and bad. Seize the good and avoid the bad. Coolfidence raises fundamental questions to help in identifying when luck is close by.

5 principles to making money and being smart about it
Nov 19, 2015 © Ronnie Apteker

Be good at one thing and work hard at it, and yes, you will make a living. Have some luck as well and you may make a fortune. It all comes down to people. Make your own luck by attracting and looking after the best people you can find. Make sure you have the right paradigm - we offer you some fundamental principles.

5 baby steps on effectively engaging with younger people
Nov 24, 2015 © Brendan Jack

Of course, it's not about teen-labor. But younger people will always keep coming and there's nothing wrong with that. And to keep going in the right direction, we all must know how to engage with people younger than us.

5 truths about living with purpose
Dec 10, 2015 © Ronnie Apteker

Purpose is both a curse and a privilege. Most people never embrace this word, but if you do want to explore what it means to love what you do, and do what you love, then Coolfidence offers you a look into what it means to embrace one's calling.

5 elements of leadership - the hard but right way
Dec 30, 2016 © Ronnie Apteker

Yes, computers count fast, but people count more. Leading people is about growing future leaders, and not about gathering more followers. We touch on what it means to lead by example, and why people are the most important asset to any organization. Leadership is never an easy path - ask any parent. We share insights in what it means to be an inspired and good leader.

4 signs you are an entrepreneur
Jan 19, 2016 © Ronnie Apteker

Entrepreneurs take risks, financially and emotionally. They are optimistic by nature and they are driven. Selling is a fundamental part of the entrepreneurial journey. Coolfidence is being developed by entrepreneurs who share their life lessons with you.

One fundamental truth about money and motivation
Feb 15, 2016 © Ronnie Apteker

Money pays the bills and it puts food on the table, but when it comes to be feeling motivated that is a function of something deeper. When you believe in something and feel inspired then you get motivated. Yes, money provides comfort and choice, but money does not speak to your heart. A motivated person is doing something they love to do. Leaders who try and motivate their teams are more effective when they understand that money doesn't make anyone love coming to work.

7 secrets of being an entrepreneur
Mar 25, 2016 © Ronnie Apteker

We all love a good story. Being an entrepreneur is all about having a story to tell. Entrepreneurs take risks, and when this happens we step out of our comfort zones and this is where the story always gets interesting.

1 major tip when selling : listen more
Apr 19, 2016 © Ronnie Apteker

When you make a sales pitch of course you have to talk. Be articulate, be clear, by precise. And if you are charming then that always helps. But, more than anything else, you also need to listen.

13 things you should never (ever) say around millennials
Apr 27, 2016 © Brendan Jack

There are a lot of companies trying to capture the minds and wallets of the youth market. Here’s some tongue-in-cheek advice on how to do it for yourself.

7 ways to avoid being an introverted loner at work
May 13, 2016 © Brendan Jack

If you’re a business recluse who doesn’t network, you might as well be a stuffed owl on a mantlepiece, looking all wise, but no one talks to you and you’re covered in dust — quietly thinking about stuff and hoping everyone leaves you alone.

Are you ‘fit’ for your purpose?
May 27, 2016 © Ryan Blumenthal

There are skills which we don’t learn at schools or universities. These rare skills are those which are required for day-to-day functioning.

3 things to look out for if you want your business to grow
Jun 07, 2016 © Ronnie Apteker

Do you see yourself as a business person? Do you see yourself as an entrepreneur? If so, then you will need to start looking outside the walls of your organization.

The North Point
Jul 18, 2016 © Andy Golding

The best way to make the ‘point’ that we aren’t all on the same page, even though we think we were.

Stop Shouting! Reasons to add storytelling to your marketing
Aug 17, 2016 © Brendan Jack

It’s not easy for advertisers nowadays. Gone is the Golden Age of advertising, when there was a monopoly on consumer attention. There’s only so much prime time space available on TV, billboards and in major newspapers. This is also incredibly expensive to iterate enough times to get noticed. Traditional advertising platforms are more likely to be seen as (expensive) wallpaper. A new style of marketing is required to create engagement, and in the digital realm, there’s plenty of room for this.

Instant messaging: WhatsApp with that?
Sep 05, 2016 © Brendan Jack

Ticks causing fever were documented as far back as ancient Egyptian times; they're also famous for spreading Lyme disease. Australia even has something called a Paralysis Tick, which you don’t often hear mentioned in their tourism brochures. But there’s a new tick in town that’s a lot more useful to us… the blue ticks on a WhatsApp message, indicating that we’ve officially communicated with someone.

Compete with yourself
Sep 12, 2016 © Ronnie Apteker

Is competition a good thing? We are all scripted to believe it is. People often say things like, “We welcome competition.” Is competition a natural thing? Is it a product of society or is it something inherent in all of us. Animals don’t compete. They try to survive – there is a big difference. Animals certainly don’t try and better each other in the process. The leopards, for example, are climbing trees, not the corporate ladder.

Does an education slow you down?
Oct 22, 2016 © Ronnie Apteker

Why do we go to school? Or university? What is it all about? Does anyone remember? Is it just about getting a piece of paper? Is it just about becoming an authority on a subject? Or is there more to it? Isn’t it also about developing leadership abilities? And isn’t also about tapping into your creative energy. And what about learning how to manage processes? And what about learning to listen and absorb knowledge? And what about the opportunity to network, meet people and build relationships?

The progress paradox
Nov 06, 2016 © Ronnie Apteker

I have been referring to the progress paradox and the purpose-money continuum and the quality-quality struggle for quite some time now. Simply put, the paradox of our time is that we live in an age of incredible prosperity and convenience - life has never been easier - we have all kinds of machines and devices to help us; yet, our ability to cope with life seems to be deteriorating with each technological advancement.

Questions about the future of money by someone who is not a banker
Nov 27, 2016 © Brendan Jack

Money is basically a promise underwritten by banks, where everyone agrees that it has a value and we all go along with it. Ones and zeros in cyberspace, conjured up and manipulated by banking wizards. Money, it seems, is a fictional popularity contest.

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